A 'No-Brainer' Income Investment Strategy For Anyone With $1 Million (Or $100)

how to invest 1 million pounds

How to invest 1 million pounds


Corporate Bonds -- If you invest in the right investment-grade corporate bonds, you could net roughly 3.5% a year on $1 million -- generating $35,000 a year in income. Not a bad amount of money to bring in each year, if it didn't require a million-dollar investment. Territories other than the investor’s country of residence can offer higher rates of return and lower rates of taxation, therefore it makes sense to bank or invest a large sum offshore. Compare the Financial Markets to tap into their network of top independent London galleries with their fingers on the pulse of the contemporary art world. Compare the Financial Market’s team of expert financial advisors and investment specialists will open up an exciting range of options as to invest with the highest possible gains, so fill in the contact form below today to start the ball rolling. Samouilhan, a fund manager in the multi-asset team at Aviva Investors, said it's time everyone lowered their expectations. Eight aquariums run by the company Sea Life are calling on visitors to spare lettuce or broccoli for their shelled inhabitants who, as a result of a shortage of some vegetables in the UK, are missing out on their favourite meals. I already have a great cash flow from my portfolio and I have enough property for my long-term pension plan, so my situation may be slightly different. Let’s assume it is borrowed, as this is probably the circumstance for most people reading this article. My first objective would be to use half of the funds (in this case £500,000) and invest it in such a way to generate at least £5000 a month. It is critical that you educate yourself so that you can differentiate between the good and not so good deals. With plenty of cash you can afford to be fussy and cherry pick the very best deals. I would find deals that require some initial funding, where we can add value, and then refinance after 6 to 12 months to take all of the money out and be left with a property with equity but none of my funds invested.